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Scalie Girlie Long Sleeves Rash Guard Top UPF 50+ for Girls

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Size: 12-24M

Sku: SGRG122419

Mermaids at heart are amongst us spreading happiness, laughter and showing us their beautiful true colors. The Scale Girlie Rash Guard Top is a fashionable way to protect her delicate upper body during extended sun exposure and keep their identity in disguise. A functional longer tail stays put while in movement. Fun, multifunctional and long-lasting, rash guards are the ultimate sun protective long sleeve top to wear during any activity in any environment beyond water. Chemical-free rated UPF 50+ sun protective properties won't wash off and will last for the life of the garment. Breathable fabric that insulates skin from heat or cools skin off when wet from water or sweat. Excellent recovery and quick dry-properties to keep them cozy in and out of the water. Sized for girls size 2-12 years old. Easy to care laundering guidelines. 

Product Description:

  • Mock neckline
  • Pieced raglan long sleeve
  • Elongated sleeves to accommodate fast-growing girls
  • Relaxed fit
  • Functional longer tail that stays put while girls are in movement
  • Artistic fish scale styling for an opalescent mosaic full of color
  • Printed Fabric - Polyester / Spandex - Made in the USA
  • Solid Fabric - Nylon / Spandex - Imported
  • Made in the USA


  • Upper body worry-free sun protection for girls to wear outdoors
  • Chemical-free fabric that blocks 99.8% of UVA and UVB sun rays
  • Lab-tested UPF 50+ the highest rating possible for sun protective clothing
  • Sun protective properties won't wash off and will last for the life of the garment
  • Four-way stretch fabric with an excellent recovery that holds its shape when wet
  • Quick-dry properties keep children cozy in and out of the water
  • Multi-functional sun protection for all activities - water or land - done under the sun
  • Easy to care laundering guidelines; machine wash normal and tumble dry

Recommendation: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using UPF rated clothing as our first line of defense against UV rays because sunblock alone is not enough. So, we recommend applying sunscreen to exposed areas and covering up for long-lasting, safe sun fun.

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