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Designed for Our Own Family


We are a family of three living a healthy and active lifestyle. Like you, we love adventures, vacations, the outdoors, having fun under the sun, and we care deeply about the wellbeing of our child, which includes protecting her from damage caused by the sun.

It all started because of our daughter Halston, who is a super happy, high energy, imaginative girl, with a love for make-believe worlds and sunshine. She also has a tenacious resistance to the application of sunblock.

 Our family needed something that would not be an ongoing challenge to apply, so we looked into available sun-protective garments. We couldn’t find the right combination of protection, softness, construction and durability. We even tried ordering from overseas but didn’t find exactly what we needed. The few that existed lacked engaging designs, so Halston would not be happy wearing them.

As a result, we decided to create a high-quality, long-lasting, sun-protective line of clothing from the bottom up. We designed pieces with unique designs that kids would actually want to wear. With family support we are making this dream come true! Gisela is dedicated to all aspects of design, production, and sales. Greg lends his excellent talent in fashion photography. Halston (and her friends) happily model our clothing lines. Our desire was to build a business with a purpose, and so Sun Pop Life was born.

blue camo kids 2pc rash guard set girls sunpoplife
SunPopLife Mermaids GIRLS 2pc Rash Guard Set Right view

What Makes Our Product Special


The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using UPF rated clothing as the first line of defense against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays because it absorbs or blocks much of the sun’s radiation. We insist on lab tested UPF 50+ (the highest sun protection rating available). Our products physically block 99.8% of harmful rays from reaching the skin.


Go from play on land, to water, and back again... Sun Pop Life materials provide quick-dry properties to keep kids cozy.
Our fabric is designed to be breathable to keep kids cool, and also to insulate kid’s skin from heat. Four-way stretch, and non-chafing designs ensure enjoyable long wear.


We make our clothing in the USA using chemical-free fibers. Our fabrics are made with technologically advanced processes, resulting in a very tight weave to achieve sun protective properties. Our materials feel good to the touch.


Our outfits feature exclusive photo patterns inspired by nature from our adventures, with fun illustrations and re-imagined classics that you (and your kids) will love.


We sized our garments with elongated sleeves and pants for fast-growing kids.


We don’t want to keep kids waiting for their favorite outfit to be laundered. Simply machine washable and tumble dry with regular loads. Our UPF rating is locked in the DNA of the fabric, so it will not wash off and will last for the lifetime of the garment.

What’s Next?!

Sun Pop Life launched with a small children’s wear collection of UPF 50+ sun protective, long sleeve rash guards, two-piece rash guard sets, and full-length leggings for 1 to 6-year old kids.
We will keep adding high-quality products such as hats, organic sunscreen, and other categories of clothing to help protect kids beyond water and sun. It is important to us to help adults set an example by teaching kids to prevent sun damage by wearing comfortable sun-protective clothing in the outdoors.

SunPopLife Shark BOYS 2pc Rash Guard Set
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Greg, Halston and Gisela

P.S. Sun Pop Life’s NEW sun-protective collection for adults is planned for release very soon… sign up for emails to be one of the first to know!

Our Mission

To make the task of sun protection fast, easy and super fun with re-imagined, well-made multifunctional products that will protect people from the sun, shorten time applying sunscreen and provide stress-free sun protection confidence.

We share a social and environmental responsibility and believe in the power of living the life we’ve imagined.

Sun Pop Life, sun protection YOU & your KIDS will actually want to wear.

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