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Fruits' Swim Shorts for Boys UPF 50

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Size: 2/XXS


The Fruits' Swim Shorts brings a burst of energy to the boy with a health-conscious mindset. Beautiful fruits, flowers, and tropical trees make the happiest "farm to table" summer print. Our UPF 50 woven shorts with attached underwear provide freedom of movement and comfort for any daily activity. The shorts' fabric repels water on contact and retains less water than traditional materials keeping him dry and comfortable in, out, or around water. Breathable mesh underwear dries fast, making the transition from swimming to play efficiently and wet to dry quicker. Simple construction, lightweight material, and efficient sun protection make these shorts ideal for everyday wear under the sun.

Product Description:

Pull-on swim shorts
Elasticized waistband
Adjustable Sun Pop Life® branded drawstring cord
Shell: Water Repellent* 4-way stretch microfiber woven fabric
Lining: Breathable 4-way stretch mesh underwear for modesty and security
Length: Mid-thigh length perfect for beach to streetwear right on trend
Patterns: Fruits, Moon Dots, Jungle, SPL Multi Logo, Surf & Skates, Bale of Turtles, and classic color Red
7 sizes: 2/XXS, 4/XS, 6/S, 8/M, 10/L, 12/XL, and 14/XXL
Polyester / Spandex - Imported
Made in the USA


Multi-functional UPF 50 sun protection for - water or land - wear.
Water Repellent Application repeals water on contact and dries instantly.
Liquid beads up and falls off before absorbed into the fabric up to 5 washes.
Superior performance stretch and comfort with a double layer of 4-way stretch fabrics for long-lasting wear and freedom of movement with modesty.
Easy to care laundering guidelines; machine wash normal and tumble dry low.

Recommendation: The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using UPF rated clothing as our first line of defense against UV rays and applying and reapplying sunscreen to all exposed areas that aren’t covered with UPF clothing. Sunscreen/sunblock alone is not enough.

*Water Repellent Applications are NOT permanent. After 5 washes, this application will decrease repellency to 80 percent. Regular wear and tear, exposure to sunscreen lotions, dirt, insect repellent, detergents and softeners, ironing or steaming, hot water, and abrasion with other materials while laundering will shorten the life span of this application faster. Please refer to Sun Pop Life’s Swimwear Care Advice to extend the life span of your swimwear.

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