Water Tested Legionnaire Hat / Sun Pop Life


While visiting Hawaii, we brought hats to put through their paces during a family vacation.

The Kids Legionnaire Sun Hat with UPF 50+ rating performed amazingly well as you can see in this family video of our daughter Halston, in total uninterrupted boogie boarding bliss having safe sun fun wearing her pink legionnaire hat. COMING SOON in time for Summer 2018!

The Kids Legionnaire Sun Hat UPF 50+ is amazing. Think of a baseball cap for a familiar grip, an extended flap shield to cover the neck and ears without affecting peripheral vision with a hidden self-adjusting elastic in the back of the crown for the perfect fit. A toggled chin strap to ensure the hat stays in place every time so it won’t fly away with the wind or get lost in the waves. Lightweight, easy to wear, great for travel, packable & foldable perfect to keep handy anytime in the outdoors. For children 1-12 years old for all year round sun protection.

Help your kids gain the ultimate freedom under the sun. For more information on how to purchase the Kids Legionnaire Sun Hat UPF 50+ and multi-functional sun protective clothing for kids visit http://SunPopLife.com

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