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Outdoor Time is Part of a Healthy Active Lifestyle

With kids it’s all about “situation anticipation” ... Avoiding letting them get over-tired, over-hungry, and focus on staying safe. But kids just want to be kids, and have non-stop fun, right away! Traditional sunscreens are the opposite of fun for anyone. Chasing after resistant kids and re-applying goopy greasy sunblock is an ongoing challenge! And whoever thinks that a kid will stay still and endure the slathering on of the recommended 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) must be kidding! Or the recommendation to reapply every 2 hours? They need to wait 30 minutes before going outside after application? Then there’s the stinging as sunscreen gets in their eyes from playing in the water, or sweating. This process is disruptive to family time, and outdoor enjoyment. The whole thing has become an ordeal before a single laugh or happy jump is had.

Green Camo 2pc Rash Guard Set UPF50 and Sunny Crab 2pc Rash Guard Set UPF50 and Shark 2pc Rash Guard Set Kids on the beach hugging wearing sun protective clothing sunpoplife

Sharing an active lifestyle with your kids is more important than ever. Recent studies by the National Trust show that today kids spend half the time their parents did playing outside. The research found, on average, children were playing outside for just over four hours a week. Although 83% of parents surveyed thought it was important that their kids learn to use technology, almost all of the parents 96% with kids between 4 and 14 thought it was important that their children had a connection with nature and thought playing outdoors was important for their development.

Make family memories and strengthen appreciation for the outdoors, while staying sun protected this summer!

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The Guardian, July 27, 2016; “Children spend only half the time playing outside as their parents did

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