Summer: Season or State of Mind?


Labor Day marks the end of a special time of year for many families. As Summer ends and the kids go back to school, there are no more late nights at the park, no more fireworks, and no more campouts in the back yard. Trips to the lake or the beach get put on pause until next year. The playful sound of the ice cream truck won’t be heard again for many months. Other staples of June, July, and August start to fade.

Many parents find some relief during this new phase of the year, like fewer scraped knees to clean up and more quiet time during the day. However, parents also must say a seasonal goodbye to family gatherings, travel, vacations, and the frequent but heartwarming sound of their children’s laughter as they play in the yard under the warm Summer sun.

All of these things signify an end to the Summer season.

But what if the joys of summer never had to end? What if you and your family could develop a summer state-of-mind that would last all year long?

Yes, the kids will have to start waking up earlier in the morning and attending school. But how can you send your kids off to school with the same mindset of creativity, fun, imagination and laughter that they had during the Summer? How can you make that Summer state of mind last all year?

A sure-fire way to help you and your kids develop a summer state of mind is through what you wear.

Our new Sun Pop Life collection of rash guards and leggings was designed with this goal in mind – to make summer a state of mind instead of just a season.

Sun Pop Life Summer Banner


This collection offers a perfect balance of summer colors, trends, and themes that your kids want to wear year-round. Even in the dead of winter, your kids - boys or girls - will be motivated to play, seek freedom and adventure as they show off their Summer state of mind that was inspired by their outfits.

Pink Dolphins Collection
Checkerboard Colletions
Dots Collection
Shibori Collection
Scalie Girlie Collection
Ballerina Collection
Blue Dolphin Collection
Turtles Collection

And of course, everything in our “Summer State of Mind” collection offer chemical free UPF 50+ sun protection so that your kids will be safe in the sun no matter what time of year it is.

Don’t let Labor Day put an end to your Summer state of mind. Start shopping our new collection today!

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